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Below you will find lists of conditioning if your child misses practice. Please make sure to call the office if your daughter will not be able to make it to their scheduled practice time.

"Deck of Cards" Strength

Equipment - Deck of playing cards

Step 1 : Start with all the cards face down in one pile

Step 2 : Each suit is a different exercise. You will complete the number of reps for each suit or card number pulled. All face cards are 10.

Diamonds : Pushups

Hearts : Sit-ups

Spades : Squat Jumps

Clubs : Burpees

Example 1 : If you pick a 4 of hearts, you do 4 sit-ups. 

Example 2 : If you pick the queen of spades, you do 10 squat jumps.

Doing Pushups_edited.jpg
Jumping Squats

"Bring Sally Up" Strength

Step 1 : Download "Flower" by Moby or search it on Youtube.

Step 2 : Everytime the song says "Bring Sally Down" you squat down and hold until you hear "Bring Sally Up." Repeat for the duration of the song.

When finished, complete : 

Alternate between the following 2 exercises as fast as possible for 5 total rounds. 

1) Reverse Lunges - 25 (first round) / 20 (second round) / 15 (third round) / 10 (fourth round) / 5 (fifth round)

2) High Knees - 25 (first round) / 20 (second round) / 15 (third round) / 10 (fourth round) / 5 (fifth round)

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